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 Just a quick update

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PostSubject: Just a quick update   Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:32 am

This will be very brief (hopefully). I don't wanna tie you guys up too much.

As you may or may not be able to tell from the new banner on the homepage, we've affiliated with . They're our French counterpart, so if you speak French, you can check them out. They don't have many members yet, so please give them your support!

Also, If you have suggestions for the forum, please keep in mind we have a suggestions forum. It's pretty hard to look through all the topics and see what people are suggesting when they're all scattered throughout the forum [lol what topics? xD], so please, if you have any suggestions on the forum, post them in the suggestions thread, or you can also PM me with them. Contrary to what I believe people think, I don't bite. Pretty much I need suggestions on the amount of content, the gallery, the emoticons, but you can suggest anything, even if it's about our twitter, formspring, or the upcoming tumblr.

Also, for the tumblr account, I haven't gotten much response about if you guys want one, so please go here and vote either yes or no. If we get over 5 votes for yes, then I'll work on getting one up. This may also include getting an admin for the tumblr account as my schedule is already busy enough. Details on if that will happen will up after we reach the desired amount of votes.

We're also in need for some new moderators as 1 of ours is no where to be found (that's a lie, I know where he lives, he just won't come online anymore), so I'll be accepting applications for some new moderators! I'll take anywhere from 1-3 mods, possibly more if I think you're qualified enough. Here's the application form:

Quote :
Who do you like in U-Kiss and why:
Why do you want to be a U-Kiss Canada moderator?
What are you special skills? (graphics, translator, etc)

In order to be a moderator, you have to be active on the forum, if you haven't up to this point, you can change that, don't worry. For a moderator, I expect you to moderate the forums (obviously), update any news if you have any, and just be active and interact with Kiss Mes ^ ^ You don't necessarily have to be from Canada to be a moderator, so if you aren't don't worry! You have the same amount of chance as anyone else ^ ^

You can send in your submissions by either PMing me, or sending them to thenegativeprototype@gmail.com (I need a new e-mail... ~_~)

Feel free to PM me anytime guys! I love hearing from you! If you have any questions or you just wanna talk, don't be shy ^ ^

Well that's it guys! Happy Posting!

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Just a quick update
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